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Welcome to the World of E. Ville Labs.

 A place where anything is possible, where zombies roam the streets, monsters are around the corner, dragons and spaceships fly through the skies. A place for kids and grownups to play and have fun. It is here where you will find toys, games, and collectibles that let you be or battle Monster Easter Bunnies, Alien Space Chickens and Zombie Movie Ticket Takers.


E. Ville Labs is the provider of everything you will need to stock up for quests, battle monsters, harass the neighbors or take over the world (And then support your parents.) and have tons of fun while you do it. Established 99 years ago, in a dimension not so far away, in an alternate reality, by some really, really, cool guys. We hope you will have a great time with our products, events, and experiences.

Dr. Delirium

When it comes to poisons, potions, and elixirs no one makes a meaner draft. Creator of the local "Zombie Virus" (what kind of lab would it be without one right?)

Professor Ruin

Specialist in creating everything that goes boom, if it is blasters, rockets or bombs he is your guy.

Dr. Bloom

Man eating plants are her specialty but that is just the beginning of her list of ferocious fauna.

is where everything comes from. We have labs for the scatter-brained scientists , towers for the wicked wizards, overgrown green houses for the bonkers botanists an more.

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